Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cake, more cake, and TEXAS!

Great news! Lon passed all four sections of the CPA! Only paperwork stands in the way of his official CPA after his name. I made Lon a Brownie on bottom/white on top cake in the shape of a star because he is our "STAR". Lon scored 3 of the tests above 90% and one at 88%.

I have been in the baking mood lately and Lon mentioned a 7 layer chocolate cake at a restaurant he's eaten at before. That got me thinking...."sounds like a great challenge to me!" So I took the challenge. Over conference weekend, my sister Jessica and I took the challenge of making a 7 layer chocolate cake for her youngest daughter's 2nd birthday. After trying two different chocolate cake recipes, we found a favorite (a Hershey's chocolate cake recipe found online) and a chocolate "sticky" frosting that my maternal grandmother used to make (according to my mother). This is what it ended up looking like:

I left Kaelyn (Jessica's oldest child who is 6 in December) in the picture to compare the size of the cake with something. It was so good. There were 12 people there (3 being children under 6) and we almost had it polished off :) YUM.

I am now 30 weeks pregnant (3rd trimester and in my 7th month) and really feel large. Lon assures me that I look great and loves my pregnant belly...very good of him. I'm now use to all the kicking, stretching, etc. that is going on inside me and then wonder who this little baby is going to be, look like, etc. I've been telling Lon I hope the baby get's his nose and my toes, which really means the baby will have my nose and his toes.
Just for fun, here is a pregnant Becca picture taken at about 26 weeks (6th month). I have grown a little bigger since then. Yes...I'm making a funny face. I was tired of smiling for the camera :)

Last of all, Lon and I have been in San Antonio for the week and have fallen in love with the area and the people. We found an area that we want our house (which we plan on building) and a ward to attend church. We ward hopped the Sunday we were here and changed our minds on one of them. We walked in, started to talk to the couple who were seated in front of us (who were 8 month pregnant with their 2nd) and we all felt like instant friends. Slowly 3 other couples who were pregnant sat in the rows ahead of us. We thought that was great. Lon named it "maternity row". Now all Lon needs is a job offer from a company out here. He has great people working on his "job hunting" team, so we are confident that something will happen shortly.
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  1. All hail Genghis Lon!!! Passer of the CPA exam. Way to go roomie. Impressive chocolate cakes and I'm jealous you visited Texas. Lucky!