Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Blog Time!

Well...I caved...I now have a blog. I am actually excited about this. My last day of work is 10/24 and I will have plenty of time to regularly update (so I say now...we'll see what actually happens).

Lon and I got married on Aug 9, 2008 and have loved the almost 3 months as man and wife. It's been very nice not having to say goodbye to him at night and only goodnight. We are also working hard on Prop 8 in California. Prop 8 (for those outside CA right now) is the proposition to add an amendment to the state constitution to keep marriage between a man and a woman. The Church has asked us to commit and support it for moral reasons, and so we are doing everything we can. We hosted a calling center in our apartment on Tuesday night. It was fun having so many people crammed into our little one bedroom apartment making calls for 2 hours. I played the good hostess and keep the kitchen flowing with goodies!

I started the books by Stephanie Meyers. The first one is Twilight. Everyone I know kept recommending them to me, so I thought "ok, I'll give it a shot!" I read half way through the first book in a day! She is a great story writer. I do also recommend them to others!

We have a trip planned! Our first of our married life after the honeymoon, of course. We are going to Arizona for Thanksgiving. Both of our best friends live there and we are so pumped to spend good quality time with their families. Lon admits that he wants to watch Agnes and I "in action" as he hears that we can literally finish one another sentences and know what the other is thinking. It should be fun!