Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun in July

So every 2 months isn't too bad, right?
July is turning out to be a fun and busy month. The Fourth we spent with Laina and Family and then my parents and sister's family joined us for fireworks at the park. Cute little nieces to the left!

So the good news is I have great internet access. Lon and I moved in with his parents who live in Alamo, CA to save some money on rent as we will be buying a home once we move to Texas. We are waiting for permits to come so the water project can start and Lon can start in his new role as manager with the project. My hope is to move prior to the baby being born in December so I only have to move myself and not the baby as well. If the baby is born here, then at least I won't have to change doctors. I'm now 18 weeks pregnant and starting to show a baby bump. I finally out of the "I look like I ate too many Twinkies" phase and have started feeling "flutters.

Lon loves feeling my belly and talking to little "Alex" at night. It's fun to see his excitement with our little one on the way. He's already a very proud father.

We are going on a cruise next week with my parents. Lon has never been and is very excited to go. I'm excited to see his excitement (and to be able to eat all that yummy food!) The cruise is also a celebration of Lon taking two more of his CPA exams and not having to study for 3 weeks. Only one more to go :) Go LON!

Well, that pretty much catches up on our lives. Now that I have a more reliable internet, postings will be much better!