Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy One Year Anniversary!

So Lon and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Aug 9, 2009. We ate our year old frozen cake and it was still VERY YUMMY! Cheesy pose, but so much fun.

Even baby Alex enjoyed the cake as baby kept kicking. I think the baby was saying "more sugar mommy!"
As our anniversary was on a Sunday we celebrated the prior day by attending the Oakland Temple. We were able to do sealings which was a great experience as we had done the same thing a year before. We plan on doing this every year on our anniversary. What better way to remember our promises to the Lord and to each other.

As you can see by the picture, the baby is growing! We had our Ultrasound appointment on Aug 18th and loved every minute of it. Lon and I both agreed to wait to find out the sex of the baby when the baby is born, but I will admit to trying to get a good look at the sex during the no avail. I was only able to pick out features such as the eyes, ears, nose, hands, etc... The technician teased us at the end by saying the he knew what we were having and was able to tell right away. Well, DUH! He looks at those screens all day and knows what he is looking for. I didn't think it would be too difficult to tell, but the tech kept away from the lower half of the baby's body on purpose. Good for him. I'm glad that I didn't find out. It was just fun to try.
If I can figure out the scanner, I will try to scan some of the ultrasound pic's and post them. Otherwise well send pic's out when baby Alex has arrived (that will be in December for those who don't know or have forgotten).

Hugs to all!
Becca and Lon

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