Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Due Date Closer by the minute

So these days we are just waiting for the little baby to decide to make its grand entrance into this world. I saw the doctor today and was told that at 36 weeks (that's this week) baby is around the 6 pound mark. I told my doctor my fears of having a baby larger than will come out of me (OUCH!) and she said that the most baby will weigh will be around 8 pounds. FEW! But we'll see how it ends up when the time comes.

My sister in law took some belly pictures that turned out really cute! Here are a few of my favorites:

Lon loves my Buddha belly :)

and my personal favorite...

Just a few more weeks and we get to meet our baby Alex!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cake, more cake, and TEXAS!

Great news! Lon passed all four sections of the CPA! Only paperwork stands in the way of his official CPA after his name. I made Lon a Brownie on bottom/white on top cake in the shape of a star because he is our "STAR". Lon scored 3 of the tests above 90% and one at 88%.

I have been in the baking mood lately and Lon mentioned a 7 layer chocolate cake at a restaurant he's eaten at before. That got me thinking...."sounds like a great challenge to me!" So I took the challenge. Over conference weekend, my sister Jessica and I took the challenge of making a 7 layer chocolate cake for her youngest daughter's 2nd birthday. After trying two different chocolate cake recipes, we found a favorite (a Hershey's chocolate cake recipe found online) and a chocolate "sticky" frosting that my maternal grandmother used to make (according to my mother). This is what it ended up looking like:

I left Kaelyn (Jessica's oldest child who is 6 in December) in the picture to compare the size of the cake with something. It was so good. There were 12 people there (3 being children under 6) and we almost had it polished off :) YUM.

I am now 30 weeks pregnant (3rd trimester and in my 7th month) and really feel large. Lon assures me that I look great and loves my pregnant belly...very good of him. I'm now use to all the kicking, stretching, etc. that is going on inside me and then wonder who this little baby is going to be, look like, etc. I've been telling Lon I hope the baby get's his nose and my toes, which really means the baby will have my nose and his toes.
Just for fun, here is a pregnant Becca picture taken at about 26 weeks (6th month). I have grown a little bigger since then. Yes...I'm making a funny face. I was tired of smiling for the camera :)

Last of all, Lon and I have been in San Antonio for the week and have fallen in love with the area and the people. We found an area that we want our house (which we plan on building) and a ward to attend church. We ward hopped the Sunday we were here and changed our minds on one of them. We walked in, started to talk to the couple who were seated in front of us (who were 8 month pregnant with their 2nd) and we all felt like instant friends. Slowly 3 other couples who were pregnant sat in the rows ahead of us. We thought that was great. Lon named it "maternity row". Now all Lon needs is a job offer from a company out here. He has great people working on his "job hunting" team, so we are confident that something will happen shortly.
Until next time...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy One Year Anniversary!

So Lon and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Aug 9, 2009. We ate our year old frozen cake and it was still VERY YUMMY! Cheesy pose, but so much fun.

Even baby Alex enjoyed the cake as baby kept kicking. I think the baby was saying "more sugar mommy!"
As our anniversary was on a Sunday we celebrated the prior day by attending the Oakland Temple. We were able to do sealings which was a great experience as we had done the same thing a year before. We plan on doing this every year on our anniversary. What better way to remember our promises to the Lord and to each other.

As you can see by the picture, the baby is growing! We had our Ultrasound appointment on Aug 18th and loved every minute of it. Lon and I both agreed to wait to find out the sex of the baby when the baby is born, but I will admit to trying to get a good look at the sex during the ultrasound...to no avail. I was only able to pick out features such as the eyes, ears, nose, hands, etc... The technician teased us at the end by saying the he knew what we were having and was able to tell right away. Well, DUH! He looks at those screens all day and knows what he is looking for. I didn't think it would be too difficult to tell, but the tech kept away from the lower half of the baby's body on purpose. Good for him. I'm glad that I didn't find out. It was just fun to try.
If I can figure out the scanner, I will try to scan some of the ultrasound pic's and post them. Otherwise well send pic's out when baby Alex has arrived (that will be in December for those who don't know or have forgotten).

Hugs to all!
Becca and Lon

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun in July

So every 2 months isn't too bad, right?
July is turning out to be a fun and busy month. The Fourth we spent with Laina and Family and then my parents and sister's family joined us for fireworks at the park. Cute little nieces to the left!

So the good news is I have great internet access. Lon and I moved in with his parents who live in Alamo, CA to save some money on rent as we will be buying a home once we move to Texas. We are waiting for permits to come so the water project can start and Lon can start in his new role as manager with the project. My hope is to move prior to the baby being born in December so I only have to move myself and not the baby as well. If the baby is born here, then at least I won't have to change doctors. I'm now 18 weeks pregnant and starting to show a baby bump. I finally out of the "I look like I ate too many Twinkies" phase and have started feeling "flutters.

Lon loves feeling my belly and talking to little "Alex" at night. It's fun to see his excitement with our little one on the way. He's already a very proud father.

We are going on a cruise next week with my parents. Lon has never been and is very excited to go. I'm excited to see his excitement (and to be able to eat all that yummy food!) The cruise is also a celebration of Lon taking two more of his CPA exams and not having to study for 3 weeks. Only one more to go :) Go LON!

Well, that pretty much catches up on our lives. Now that I have a more reliable internet, postings will be much better!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's May....how did that happen?

So first off....opps...no new blog in quite some time. In my defense a lot has happened and internet in my apartment is not very reliable. So since the last blog....sharks took the Presidents trophy for winning the most games out of regular season. That was great. Bad news is they lost the first round of playoff games and were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs...kind of stinky.

The other good news is I am 10 weeks pregnant! We are due December 22, 2009 and are both so very excited! Becca is feeling pretty good with very little nausea issues. Lon has had a few mornings where he doesn't feel well. I thought it was nice of him to do the whole morning sickness thing. We are going with the old fashion way of waiting until the birth to find out the sex of the baby. So when people ask "Is it a boy or a girl?" We say "yes" and then they look at us with a blank stare trying to figure it out.

Until next time. Keep hoping that I have good internet days so I can update this regularly!

Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Friday!

The Sharks are on fire! Last week they played the team to beat. Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup last year and the Sharks want it so BAD this year. Prior to playing last Saturday the teams played one another twice...a win each for each. Then they played again in San Jose last week. Very high energy, non-stop exciting game. It was a close game, but Sharks pulled it off! They proved to be better that round. Detroit put up a great fight though. Sharks remain undefeated on their own turf !!! YEAH! This is their year.

Yes, Lon is a big hockey fan and has gotten me to enjoy the games. I have even started shouting "Get him, get him good!" when a fight breaks out....Becca is that really you? Hee Hee.

This has been an eventful month. Next week especially, Wicked, another Sharks game and MY BIRTHDAY :)

Be Happy today and give someone a smile...just for the heck of it!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all. So far, in the year of 2009, Lon and I have been to the San Francisco Symphony and to a Sharks game! Wahoo! Both were superb. The Symphony did a great job with Braums 1st and envigorated our minds in the arts. The Sharks played fantastically and trampled all over Tampa Bay. It was exciting with fights breaking out and all. Now that's what I call real hockey. Our next adventure will be to see "Wicked" on my birthday. What a month.

Life is busy, especially for Lon, who is working full-time and coming home, running and then spending 2 hours minimum during week nights and 8 hours Saturday's studying for the CPA. The goal is to have all four tests completed by July. He can do it!