Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another 7 months go by!

Last time I wrote, Alex was born and we were moving to San Antonio, Texas. Alex is now 7 months old and doing great. He keeps us on our toes and brings sunshine to our lives. He gains more personality by the day. It has been such an amazing experience to watch him grow up and there's much more to come. I love being a mother :) We met some friends of ours at a BBQ place near Austin one Saturday called the "Salt Lick". It is some very good tasting stuff. WOW! You get to bring your own drinks, so of course, Henry Rootbeer was taken. Alex tried to lick his way through the bottle. It was hilarious! It is now one of our favorite pictures. It even sits on daddy's desk at work.

We moved to San Antonio, Lon looked for work for about 3 months and then landed a job working for Clear Channel Outdoor in their lease department. He is on a team of people working to better their leasing process so it will be more uniform. It is challenging work for him, but he is liking the new skills he is learning.

Once Lon got his job, we went to the builder and neighborhood we had our eyes and hearts set on (a few friends of our live there as well) and bought a lot. They are just about half way finished building with rumors of completion by the first of September. I am so excited to move into our very own house! Here are pictures of where it was a few weeks ago:

We know that we are where we need to be and we love it! We love knowing that this is where we will be raising our family. Until next time :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Year New Baby

So, I completely missed December with this whole blog thing...but with good reason. On December 13th 2009, Alexander Michael came into this world! After 19 hours of labor and help from an epidural 14 hours into it, I made it through and was able to finally hold my baby boy. The best part once it was over was the meal I was finally able to have. It was the best Turkey sandwich I have ever had and I ate it without ANY HEARTBURN!

The next two weeks were spent in Turlock with my parents as I needed my mother, which was a big help. We spent Christmas with my family and had fun putting Alex in his Christmas outfit. He did a lot of sleeping that day which was understandable...being that cute can take it out on a little guy like him.
Our life now consists of sleeping when we can and loving every minute we have with him. He's only 6 weeks old and we can't imagine our life without him.

Other news with our little family is that we are finally moving to San Antonio. After waiting and waiting, we have decided to move just get out there. We officially move on Feb 6th. We already have a ward and friends out there from a visit we had to the area last October. They have been such a big help in finding an apartment and the other details that come with moving.

Until next time (which will be from San Antonio!!!)

Becca, Lon, and Alex